London Trip

Close as I got to the poppy display

Close as I got to the poppy display

The camera club arranged a coach visit to London. We first passed the Tower of London where over 800 thousand handmade poppies, one poppie for each service personnel killed during the first world war. 

Viewing the poppies was on my mental list to visit, however seeing the amount of people visiting this display immediately put me off and the view from the coach was to be sufficient. 

A technique that I was going to use to compensate that I do not own a super wide angle lens was to take panoramas. The widest lens I own is the kit Nikon 18-105mm, also in my bag was a 35mm 1.8 to use in the street while using the 18-105 for the wide angle shots. 

A trick that I learned from Serge Ramelli on Youtube is to take images both vertical and horizontal and merge them into one using the panorama mode in Photoshop to create a wide angle shot. 

I found this to be hit and miss and requires more practice to make it worthwhile. I believe avoiding complex lines and moving objects would be a good place to start. Creating a panorama image can take sometime to render, my machine really struggled and spent most of my time waiting for photoshop to do its thing than actual editing. Time wasted as most of these image were scrapped. A fisheye lens could be ideal for cityscapes and then use the lens correction to achieve a flat image. 

We started from Victoria Embankment opposite the London Eye, crossing Westminster Bridge to walk along South Bank with views onto the House of Commons. Crossed Lambeth Bridge to visit Westminster Cathedral via side streets. After a drink/food stop went onto Buckingham Palace, Trafalgar Square and Covent Garden where is started to get too dark to photograph people and landmarks without using tripods.

The fun started when the sun started to disappear and London started to switch on the lights. We made our way onto Waterloo Bridge from Trafalgar Square where the views onto London were stunning. Missed the sunset but blue hour made it up with the range of colour, the busy river with boats and London Eye created interesting long exposures.

Taking long exposure images on bridges can be difficult and even impossible if they move, it was reported that the Hungerford & Golden Jubilee was shaking from the train traffic. 

Had a great day out in the countries capital city. Been in London many times before with family, however I haven't had the opportunity to really spend the time to photograph the many landmarks and views London has to offer.