My Fuji X-E1

On Boxing day I went into the John Lewis store in the Outlet Mall in Swindon. This store, like many high street shops in this shopping center sells end of line or damaged stock, I quickly went over to the glass cabinet that displays various cameras.

Soon spotted a Fuji X-E1 and a 35mm 1.4 lens that had been discounted, The retail assistant suggested these were returned and therefore not sold at full price, both sold separately. Costing £237 for the body and £286 for the lens which is cheaper than second hand stock at London Camera Exchange, effectively buying brand new equipment with no missing parts at second hand prices. The X-E1 launched in September 2012 is an older model that has been replaced by the X-E2 and I would assume the X-E3 is not far behind.

I have been reading and watching reviews of the Fuji mirrorless lineup for sometime and only been hearing good things about them. The advantage of using this camera over my Nikon D7100 is a much smaller and lighter camera. The Fuji is not suited to fast action photography such as wildlife and sport, neither of which I photograph often and not an issue. I will still use the D7100 for my macro photography and where I need the more reliable auto focus in dark environments.

I Intend to use this camera in situations where I do not need my bigger and heavier D7100 such as family events and general exploring. The Fuji 10-24mm lens has jumped to the top of my wish list which is more suited to landscapes and architecture unfortunately it costs over £600 and it will be awhile before my budget allows for it. 

A feature that I just love is the inbuilt flash unit where you can "bounce" the flash light by moving the flash head with a finger while taking a picture that removed the shadow behind the subject which produced a more professional image.  To take a similar image with my Nikon D7100 I would need to use my flash unit that adds extra weight and cost more than the Fuji camera itself. 

From a couple of days use so far I have been impressed with the results. The image quality coming out of the smaller camera is just as good as the Nikon D7100 and the images are very sharp based on the image of the kitten (Click to enlarge).  I plan to have a lot of fun with this camera and I will share the results on this blog.