Wedding & Narborough Mill

Mothers & Ernie Wedding

I am writing this blog post on a cold and wet Sunday which are not ideal conditions to go out and explore. This weekend my mother, Linda got married to her husband Ernie at the local registry office in Thetford. 

Being a keen photographer I naturally brought along my camera equipment both my Nikon and Fuji. I love the Fuji with it being a much lighter camera and it produces wonderfully sharp images with the 35mm prime lens attached.

The lighting was poor in the registry office and in the function room where Fuji had trouble locking focus which is a common trait among mirrorless cameras. This is where I used the Nikon which has no issue, I find the image quality of the kit zoom not to be as good.

It is a common trait among creative people to be critical of their own work, I take my photography seriously and want my images to be perfect and if a tiny part of an image "bad" to my mind it would be disregarded and ignored. Bad could be anything and only myself might notice. People interpret images in different ways and what may be an issue in my mind could be a pleasing effect to someone else. Photography is very perspective. 

Usually I take a series images of the same subject that have subtle differences with a hope of getting one that is good. An image that is slightly out of focus, or not all the subjects are in focus can still be a good image if you capture the moment, at least in my opinion. 

Photographing children somehow feels very rewarding and fun especially when they are interacting with people and objects.

Narborough Watermill 

Revisited Narborough on Sunday 25th January to have another go at the watermill along the River Nar with the objective to take long exposures to create a milky effect of the water.

Purple fringing caused by the light "leak"

Purple fringing caused by the light "leak"

The main issue I had while using the 10 Stop filter was light "leaking" in from the view finder. Unfortunately I had not figured this out till the end of my trip after walking miles around to the other side of the river. The result was purple bands appearing in the images.

Not knowing the cause I kept taking images with this effect with the hope of fixing in post production in Photoshop which turned out to be hopeless and not worthwhile wasting hours when I can retake these at a later date. Much better to take images correctly in the  camera than to fix later in software which can take hours. 

The water effect was achieved with the Cokin filters

A solution would be to cover up the viewfinder with blue tack or tape while using the filter. I thought the purple banding was caused by the sun glaring onto the front as I have used the filter before with the same issue of the purple banding, although not as much. 

Carrying my Cokin filters which are only a 1 and 3 stop which I used to get some of the milky effect I was after without the purple effect. 

Traveling further up the public path I soon found a bridge which appears to be heavily used by tractors passing between fields. Crossed the bridge to explore the other side of the watermill to allow me to get another viewpoint.

With the amount of keep out signs about I was possibly trespassing on this side of the river. Before I revisit the mill I will ring the Narborough Fisheries to gain permission to view the mill on that side of the river, assuming they own the land.

Will be using up the last of my holiday allowance in a couple of weeks which will be used to explore, hopefully the weather will be kind enough not to rain. A few locations keep popping up in the facebook group that I will hope visit like Cromer Pier and Thurne, Oxborough Hall is nearby that I have yet to see.