What's Holding Me Back?

On todays post I will be explaining why I have yet to offer my work for sale. The short version is I now have good quality images to offer but lack any savings to fix past mistakes that is stopping me from creating a business to sell through.

1. Suitable Images.

Sample of what can be available for sale

My photographic interest started in August 2008 with the purchase of a Nikon D80. At the time I was living in the seaside town of Sheringham which is near Cromer.

A friend of mine had recently bought a Canon DSLR which sparked my interest and got mine after a customer had walked into the family owned restaurant with his Nikon D80 and recommended it. At that time I had no clue about what I was doing.

Only recently have I been capturing images that are good enough to sell. There is a quote by Henri Cartier-Bresson, a famous photographer "Your first 10,000 photographs are your worst". It takes time to learn a new skill.

I can look through my early images, which are on my Flickr profile. At the time I thought they were great and only too look back at them now to see how terrible they are.

2. Presentation. 

My mentality about selling is that I have to offer a finished product which has taken time to figure out what I like.

Over the last few christmases I have been giving friends and family prints as gifts and receiving comments "You should sell these". I think giving images as gifts is a good idea and I enjoy doing it. Each time I was assembling mounted prints I was learning on what sized images were suitable and what colour mounts to order and with every batch I was improving the quality

My recent batch of prints will be on display at the local gallery soon and I am happy with presentation using good quality photo mounts that are protected in a plastic bag with a brief message from myself on the back. This method however is not currently viable for online selling as it takes time and money to produce these.

To sell online I will incorporate a border into the image, once the customer receives the print through the post they just need to insert it into a frame without a mount. These can be ordered one at a time and not have any money tied up in mounts and images and can have these send these directly to the customer. 

Another advantage to ordering the prints online is I can be more flexible in offering different sizes as holding different sized mounts will be costly. 

3. Setting up a Business.

If I am to sell my work I need to setup a business which will not be straightforward. Due to a previous misguided venture I am unsure how my self employed status is. I have a fear of past mistakes catching up if I were to reapply for self employment as I lack any savings to fix any errors.

Unfortunately I cannot see this being solved anytime soon as my current career prospects are looking poor which is limiting my ability to save any money. 

4. Audience.

Creating an audience through social media is a priority with the hope that potential customers will find this website and to see my images. Currently finding this to be a slow, challenging and an enjoyable process. Other avenues would be to find more galleries around Norfolk and possibly craft fairs.