East Somerton - Behind The Photo

In this new weekly feature I will be talking about an images on where it was taken and what I like about it.

Today its East Somerton Church ruins that I visited earlier this year in during a week off work. This was one of many locations I visited that day with Thornham and Horsey as they were close by. This village is located just off the coast near Winterton-on-Sea which I foolishly didn't visit.

The ruins are tucked away down a narrow road between a few houses and could easily pass it if you were not looking for it. Like with all old buildings I am attracted to textures of brick work. To create this image I used a technique called HDR to capture enough information to bring out details in the very bright and dark areas, branches of the trees behind the window for example. 

Making this a black and white image creates an atmosphere to emphasise the emptiness of this ancient building and brings out the texture in the bricks and rendering. 

These ruins are worth exploring if you're in the area but not to keep you busy for too long. While I was here I managed to see snowdrops which was one thing I missed out from last year. 

Thanks for taking the time to read about this picture and I shall raid the archives for next week's image.