Choosing BBC Countryfile 2016 Calender Entries

BBC Countryfile are once again running their annual photographic competition to feature photos on their calendar. This year the theme is "From Dawn Till Dusk"  which to me can be any landscape image. Up to 3 can be entered.

Choosing a selection of images is a challenge as having an objective view when they are your own work is difficult. 

I would appreciate any readers feedback on what images could be successful in the BBC Countryfile competition, not that I have any expectations of winning anything. Select as many as you want and I will consider the top three to be my submissions. 

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1. Wayland Wood Bluebells, I am unsure if this image could be considered a landscape image but in my mind worth considering. 

Taken in 2014 Spring in Watton Norfolk and is a popular image. 

2. I love Dersingham Bog on the Sandringham Estate for its fungi among its rich woodland habitat taken on one early September morning in 2015. Love the love level fog with lovley orange tones on the horizon.    

3. This image was taken on the Norfolk Broads near the Berney Arms Windmill not too far from Great Yarmouth in early spring. Taken on the way back to the car when I saw this scene of flowers and the River Yare on the left.  

4. This image has made my short list for just being a sunset image, not too sure about this image being good enough for a competition. Taken in 2015 on the road between Watton and Dereham. 


5. Similar issue with the bluebell image in regard it's not a landscape image but I like how the eye is lead down the path and the golden colors of Autumn taken in Great Hockham Forrest between Watton and Thetford. 

6. Another wildcard image again with not being a typical landscape image but certainly worth including in the shortlist. Taken during last years harvest where I was invited along. 


7. The Norfolk Broads is definitely a great place for photography that I love to visit on a regular basis. Thurne Windmill is one of a few windmills that are intact.

I got up very early one winters morning just to capture a sunrise over Thurne windmill. While I love this scene I am unsure if this is the type of image the judges are looking for. 


8. Only taken a few months ago just down the road where many of the local fields were growing rape seed and with the yellow fields were photogenic. Taken just as the sun was setting with the orange glow still visible on the horizon against the foreground of yellow.  

9. Taken in the same field as the previous image at a different angle. Again this image is not a typical landscape and therefore unsure if this would be suitable for the competition.  

10. Another image from the Norfolk Broads from How Hill, a boat house. I just love this view with the reflections and the sun setting. Again unsure if this is the type of scene the judges would be looking for. 

11. This stunning rainbow was only captured only last week during a period of unsettled weather which for me is great as scenes like this are possible and I got very wet while going in between nearby spots, rainbow on one side and stunning cloud formation on the other side of the road. Taken in Burnham Overy Staithe.


12. Taken at the same time and place as the previous image, Even though these images were taken a couple of weeks ago I still cannot decide what image I prefer between them which concludes my short list.