2014 Highlights

2014 has been a busy year for me, I try to go out most weekends, usually to nature reserves around Norfolk. Simply because they are easy to travel to and there is plenty within a 30 minute drive. 

This year I have been using social media more and sharing my work in an attempt to promote my work. I'm currently still working on increasing my following on Twitter and Facebook not an easy task.

One way which is having an effect is sharing my work with the organisations that own and manage the places that I visit. In the case of the Norfolk Wildlife Trust (@SupportNWT) they used one of my images taken in Wayland Wood for their nature reserve handbook and more of my images have been printed in their "Tern" a newspaper sent out to the members a few time a year.

What I find interesting is how people see my images differently to how I see them. Some people say they have a mood, story to them or a feeling. I am not an emotional person and I don't connect on that level. Most of the time I just see the technical aspect to an image. I can easily dismiss an image because of a flaw that no one else would even think to look for. Maybe I am too critical of my images. 

The above gallery are images that I consider to be my best images taken during 2014, Tried to keep it to a few but I do like quite a few of them and could have easily included more.

2015 ... What do I want to achieve this year? I think building on 2014 would be a good start by exploring other nature reserves that I have yet to visit. The only downside is that it would require more travel which is why I have yet to visit these or only been to once such as Foxley Wood and Lower Wood Ashwellthorpe.  

Portraiture is an area that I would like to build on, what has been limiting me on this type of photography is not knowing enough people or more to the point, not having to confidence to ask for their time to build up my skill in taking portraits. Building up my social skills is the biggest challenge and character flaw to overcome.

Since joining the Facebook group Norfolk Countryside Photos a few locations in Norfolk are quite popular like Cromer Pier and Thurne where their is a windmill that I will visit this year along with exploring more of the Norfolk Broads.

With my acquisition of the Fuji X-E1 street photography and general urban exploring is more attractive with the smaller and lighter camera that makes it easier to be more mobile and less obvious. 

Currently my photography is just an activity that I enjoy doing that does not provide an income stream, This year I intend to put myself into a position where I can sell my work, not sure how I will achieve this goal.

Happy New Year !

Disappointment From High Expectations

One of my main goals of the year was to attempt to photograph fireworks. I have only attempted this once before a few years ago without a tripod and remote trigger, I was not happy with the results.  

When researching local firework displays I soon found a free event hosted by Norwich City Council based around the impressive landmark of Norwich Castle.

Most of the good viewing angles around the Castle were closed off, I assume due to safety issue as it would be directly below the display with debris falling down.

The picture I had in my mind was to have the Castle in the centre of the frame with fireworks going off above it. Exploring the many multi story car parks roofs did not offer a suitable angle and the view from city hall was too crowded with the marketplace blocking a clear view.  I think the best place would be a church tower or the balcony at city hall, both would be inaccessible to the public. 

Using the Castle as the main subject of the picture would be interesting than having just pictures of fireworks which would be boring. 

Having high expectations set me up to be disappointed and not to enjoy the event. On the upside I saw the city at night while scouting and found a few possible places where night photography would be interesting. Came away with snapshots of the display at the wrong angle and a short unplanned video. Maybe I should make friends with the staff in City Hall for next year and get a better view from their offices if I intend to go again next year.