EDP May Magazine Publication

Seeing my images in publications is still a novelty and gives me a sense of achievement. Taken last year in Wayland Wood is just outside of Watton which is where I live and naturally is one of my most visited locations simply because I can walk to it.

In 2014 I made the effort to explore Wayland Wood to capture the Bluebells on a number of occasions as they progress throughout the season visiting at different times of the day. Going into woodland at the beginning or end of the day when the sun is at a low angle will produce images with interesting side light and shadows from trees which adds depth to images, the image used was taken around 8am. 

Because cameras do not currently capture what they human eye sees I use a technique called HDR or High Dynamic Range to capture enough detail to create a picture I would be happy with. Most of my landscape images are taken using the HDR technique, watch this YouTube video for HDR is action. 


Bluebells are now coming to an end for the 2015 showing and I shall be moving onto butterflies in the coming weeks building on last years experience, hopefully my newly acquired 80-200 lens will do a better job. Next year will be a challenge as I need to try something new with bluebells to avoid taking the same image over and over.


Bluebells & Business

To me April to me means Bluebells, Luckily living in walking distance to Wayland Wood make it convenient to see these beautiful flowers. Being busy at the weekends with work and family gatherings will limit my visits to after work and I will be unable to visit other nearby woodland also famous for their bluebells. 

This week I have been researching on what is required to sell my pictures.

Currently this is what I need to do;

  • Open a business bank account
  • Upgrade website hosing & Refresh the website 
  • Register as self employed

To sell products I need to register as self employed with the HMRC to make any income I generate legal.

One of 2015 first bluebells

Research has told me it is good practice to keep the business activities separated from any personal accounts and banks don't like business transactions going through personal accounts. The issue is unlike personal bank accounts, business charge a fee and the vary between banks and the fees for services. 

Many banks like HSBC, Natwest, Loyd's TSB have 12/18 months free introductory offers and then switch onto a monthly tariff and finding these charts are more difficult than it should be which shouldn't be much of a surprise. 

My initial plan is for customers to order images on this website and I then order them from a photo printing service, most likely Photobox which will require me to use a debit card which will inure a charge for using each time I place an order (after the 12 month offer). Finding the right bank with the cheapest tariff has been time consuming as they are all very similar. So far Loyd's looks to be a good option.

I use Squarespace to create this website which offer eCommerce, but being on the basic option I need to upgrade to the next one to allow me to list up to 20 items which will cost some money to do.

Currently I am just waiting to build up some capital to allow for these upgrades and working capital which shouldn't be too much as I don't intent to tie up money in mounted prints just yet.