Sunrise at Happisburgh

One Saturday morning I was determined to capture a sunrise after many weekend of being a bit rubbish. The weather forecast was to be good, this time of year the night is very short meaning I left home for the hours car trip around 2.30am. Even at this time the sky was bright which had me worried thinking I would miss the sun rising making the stupidly early wakeup pointless.

As the lighthouse is only next to the car park I didn't have to travel far to find a good view point of this Norfolk landmark. To my surprise I wasn't expecting to the light in operation considering it's no longer in official use (far as I know).

Using the camera's in built timer to trigger the bracketing sequence to create an HDR image later I worked out the flashes of light occur about every 30 seconds, timing the camera to take images at the time the light was visible was an interesting and fun activity which I often missed. 

The above image was taken just as the sun was rising which was directly behind me making the sky a lovely purple colour. HDR in this situation is essential to capture the sky and lighthouse correctly. 

Soon as the sun started to rise I pointed the camera in its direction with a 10 stop filter to create a long exposure to smooth out the sea which has worked out perfectly and I could not be happier with the end result. 

My secondary objective and partially why I chose to visit Happisburgh was to try and see Swallowtail butterflies at nearby Norfolk Wildlife Trust Hickling Broad which just happened to be closed.

It opens at 10am which is no good when I pulled up at 6am with the gate being locked and no nearby place to park elsewhere I went onto Norfolk Wildlife Trust Ranworth. The grounds are accessible 24/7, although Swallowtail butterflies were nowhere to be seen yet again. I just took macro images of water droplets on reeds and a snail. 

The search for Swallowtails is still ongoing, if I am still unsuccessful this year I will have to plan ahead and book a week of work in mid June next year to try again. Might be worth revisiting Happisburgh next year to see if another crop is growing as the classic and more popular scene with the lighthouse is when wheat is growing.