My £23 DIY Home Studio

Now that my Epson 1500W A3 printer has arrived to produce greeting cards and prints I decided it would be a good idea to set up a small home studio to take product images of cards to use in my online shop. I went out and purchased the following:

  • 2 Lamps £ 4 each
  • 2 Lightbulbs £2.49 each
  • 2 Frames £1 each
  • Black and White bedsheets £ 3.99 each

Materials I had laying around 

  • Duck Tape
  • White fabric (T shirt)

The frames were to make diffusers to sit in front of the desk lamps to make the light even, I didn't even want the glass or backing being at a £1 each they are tacky and horrible but useful for what I was using them for.

I used an old white t shirt to cover the frames in order to create a more even light produced from the lamps. Using wooden skewers and duck tape I managed to make crude stands to support the frames.

Using a picnic table and tall MDF wood I created a backdrop using the black bedsheet which worked quite well and the result was quite good, once I got the whole thing set up it took little time to photograph 30 cards plus groups to sell as a package. There are tons of different DIY setups online all using the same principles which is a must when taking images of items to sell online and will work well even when using a smartphone.

Using an MDF backing board was essential as the thickness of the fabric was very thin and any light coming from the back will show up.

Online Shop OPEN

In the planning for weeks I have finally got my online shop now up and running.

Using the Esty platform will allow me to expand the shop as needed without being limited to the amount of listing on Squarespace which I use for this website. Like Ebay I am charged per listing.

Over the last few weeks I have been going around in circles on how to present my images to customers. I have settled on shipping orders directly from a professional photo lab based in the UK. The advantage is I can offer limitless images without holding stock myself therefore not having money tied up in stock.

To print images here at home would cost a fortune in equipment, an A3+ printer would cost around £550 for an Epson P600. I can only justify this expense if I were selling enough images and printers need to be used regularly to be kept in good working condition otherwise they dry up.

A week long competition is now running to drive traffic towards my Facebook page, Liking and or sharing my photography page will automatically be entered into the raffle, the competition is limited to UK addresses.