Smelly Fungi at Hoe Rough

This last Sunday I managed to visit Hoe Rough, a nature reserve owned and managed by the Norfolk Wildlife Trust. If only for a few hours. Hoe Rough is located outside of Dereham. I discovered this location only a few months ago when looking for places to find Butterflies.  

Hoe Roughin summer, open heath, small band of woodland around the edge

Being the start of October I was under the assumption there would be more varieties abundance of fungi, that didn't appear to be the case here.  That said I found a couple that were worth photographing, A Stinkhorn, as the name suggests there is an odd smell when you get close to them, unlike anything I have seen before which reminds me how interesting fungi can be and why I enjoy photographing them. 

Another is what I think is a Orange Grisette, I took one of these a few weeks ago that was younger, this time the top was covered in the small leaves that added texture. 

I hope to see many more fungi over the next few weeks as the autumn progresses.