Home Printing Or Printing Service ?

Over the last week I have been researching on the best way to create greeting cards using my images to increase my range of products. What I want to create is a high quality product were the quality is equal to what you find in any high street shop. 

After purchasing and testing various materials I have come to the conclusion the only way to achieve this goal is using a printing service to create my cards. 

To print at home I would need a printer suitable which would cost £120 minimum for an Epson XP 55 and I would rather put any money towards an A3 printer which are about £500. However producing my own work would allow me more flexibility in my range.

A printing service offer superior materials from what I can  aquire which should produce a more professional look to my products. This method has its disadvantages in I would need to order a significant quantity to make the unit cost acceptable therefore putting money into stock with unproven sales potential. I will also be initially limited to about 6 to 8 designs.

Over the next few weeks I will be contacting various printers requesting samples and creating designs.