Sea Of Yellow

While commuting too and from work its hard not to notice the amount of rapeseed being grown which creates striking blocks of yellow which to my photographers eye is very appealing. 

Going down side roads can be tricky as they are often wide enough for only one vehicle to travel down and once the fields started turning yellow I consulted Google Maps to get an idea of the small interconnecting roads and I have never been down these roads. 

Playing around with different techniques can be interesting and effective such as creating panoramas and using different lenses for closeups and wide angles to capture the sea of yellow against the sky.

I believe experimenting is a good way to get a great and unexpected results with photography and revisiting the same location lots of times over a days, weeks, months and even years and at different times to really capture something great.  

EDP May Magazine Publication

Seeing my images in publications is still a novelty and gives me a sense of achievement. Taken last year in Wayland Wood is just outside of Watton which is where I live and naturally is one of my most visited locations simply because I can walk to it.

In 2014 I made the effort to explore Wayland Wood to capture the Bluebells on a number of occasions as they progress throughout the season visiting at different times of the day. Going into woodland at the beginning or end of the day when the sun is at a low angle will produce images with interesting side light and shadows from trees which adds depth to images, the image used was taken around 8am. 

Because cameras do not currently capture what they human eye sees I use a technique called HDR or High Dynamic Range to capture enough detail to create a picture I would be happy with. Most of my landscape images are taken using the HDR technique, watch this YouTube video for HDR is action. 


Bluebells are now coming to an end for the 2015 showing and I shall be moving onto butterflies in the coming weeks building on last years experience, hopefully my newly acquired 80-200 lens will do a better job. Next year will be a challenge as I need to try something new with bluebells to avoid taking the same image over and over.


The Yellow Star of Bethlehem

During the last week I have been spending time in Wayland Wood as it has started to wake up from winter. 

I have been focusing too much on bluebells which isn't a bad thing but it would be too easy to miss other beautiful flowers that are currently in bloom such as The Yellow Star of Bethlehem which was pointed being a rare plant and only appears in a small number of locations in the UK and Wayland Wood is one of those places.

Macro photography to me is very rewarding as I find a sense of achievement when I can capture something beautiful that you would otherwise not even notice.

Using a Nikon D7100 with a Sigma 105mm lens I was sitting down on a bin bag and using a tripod to get a rough position. With the wind and the size of the flower being not much bigger than a 5p coin taking a picture that was usable was very difficult. I carry a small water bottle to create water droplets on flowers to create a more interesting picture.

I often see small insects around flowers which I find fascinating and fun to watch and getting any detail from them is even more of a challenge.

As spring is well on its way im sure many more will popup on here, so please visit often to see the results.

Printing Update & Weekend Activities

Printing Update

Last week I posted this comment on Facebook which made me a little stupid, picture frame sizes and aspect ratios have always confused me.

I dont understand why its difficult to find frames that fit the standard image ratio of 3:2 like 12x8 / 15x10 / 18x12 / 30x20.
This is important because I try and produce print that people can easily find frames for but the ones commonly found in shops are for 8x10 / 12 x 9 / 20 x 16.

Most cameras will take pictures in a 3:2 ratio which are not common picture frame sizes. This can be an issue because for an image to fit a frame you need loose some of the picture by cropping it into a suitable size. This may not always be appropriate  as you may loose a key bits of an image.

A way around this issue is to mount the picture. I have been purchasing mounts from picturemountsonline  which produce a good quality products with a good service.

I made the assumption that because my prints of 12 x 8 was non standard the mount of 16 x 12 was also non standard. This turned out to be incorrect. When looking at the purchase options for the mounts you can purchase 16 x 12 that is produced to fit pictures sized 12 x 8, 14 x 10 & A4 and 16 x 12 picture frames are readily available.

I am currently awaiting my recent order from Photobox to see if I can recreate the mounting look without actually mounting the image by including a border with the view of selling them online directly sent by the printer. 

Wayland Gallery Spring Exhibition

28th March saw the start of The Wayland Gallery Spring Exhibition where 17 Artists in Norfolk showcase their artwork over the next few weeks. I went along to take pictures of the event which was great fun.

Carleton House

Carleton House is a care home for the disabled just outside of Norwich where the Facebook group Norfolk Countryside Photos arranged to meetup. The weather forecast for the day was to be very wet and I almost didn't go. Although it was a little wet I had a good time and the photographic opportunities were unexpectedly good. The rain began on the way home where is some places the visibility was reduced to zero.