Attempting Timelapse Photography

Timelapse photography is a type of photography that I have tried a little in the past but with my new obsession with night photography the same skills and techniques can be used to create a timelapse video  and has given me a renewed interest in trying timelapse photography again.

The biggest issue for me in making a timelapse video is the amount of time required in creating one. The standard frames per second on TV in the UK is 24, to have a 10 second timelapse video I would need 240 images which doesn't sound like many.

My images of the night sky like in the timelapse video at the top taken at Wells Next The Sea are 25 seconds each plus a delay meaning I am taking two pictures a minute or 2 hours for a 10 second video.

Being fairly impatient standing around for 2 hours on my own doing nothing is quite difficult. The finished timelapse is only 6 seconds due to the sea starting to come in and also the clouds bringing the timelapse to a shorter end than I would like. 

To capture the timelapse I set the camera in full manual mode attached to a tripod and tweaking the exposure and frame before setting the inverlomitor to automatically take the sequence of images and then the hard part of waiting and not touching the camera as any movement between images can ruin the final video. 

Shooting in RAW mode I processed the images as normal, Lightroom makes this easy by allowing me to edit one image and then syncing the edit to the other images before using the additional free plugin to create the timelapse video which can take awhile for the computer to render, easily an hour or more depending on the length of the timelapse. 

Follow this link for the Lightroom download and install and usage instructions

This timelapse taken in Hunstanton only took about 20 minutes to capture, the battery running out cut this one short. 

Creating 2014 Slideshow

Over the last couple of days I have been working on a slideshow to showcase images taken in 2014. I got the idea by someone else posting in the facebook group Norfolk Countryside Photo where I'm guessing someone had used Windows Movie Maker to create theirs.

At the start of the week I had got around to putting together a family video that I took at christmas using Lightworks program to edit the video footage.  I am still new to video editing and it was and still is a huge learning curve and have seen many Youtube tutorials to learn how to perform basic functions within Lightworks.

Using the family video I put together earlier in the week to learn from I started to think about what I wanted to create. 

The first step was to create individual section such as one section just for Wayland Wood and Hoe Rough for example that I could merge into one big video later as it made the project much easier to create and manage.

It took awhile to go through images that I wanted to include to ensure they had no defects like dust spots that I missed and redo my black and white images as I have recently changed the way I create them.

Since using Lightworks I have discovered my PC need upgrading or a new hard drive is failing as it really struggled to keep up and the system was sluggish. I spent half my time waiting for changes to be applied which was frustrating. 

This year I intend to do more with video, to what end I am unsure. I will just start with clips in nature reserves and blend them with images to upload onto YouTube to showcase my work on another platform to increase my following.