Blog Reborn

I created this website about a year ago using the squarespace platform inspired from watching Jared Polin of, who I follow on youtube among other photography shows and video blogs. I find youtube to be very useful with tutorials and general infomation from where I have learned my photographic skills. 

My original blog at the time had no direction and found it difficult to create content. Jarold Polin tip for success is to create content on a daily basis to keep readers interested, which im sure is true. Having a day job I don't have the time to be active and have enough to talk about every day. I typically visit locations at weekends if i'm not working or visiting friends and family. 


Having the last few months to think about how to approach a blog and thinking about what audience I want to attract. While still not having a clear idea my current goals are to make sure every blog post is informative, not self centred. My audience should be people who have similar interests or looking for ideas on places to visit and what to expect when they do.

My aim is to have a blog post at least once a week. Talking about where I have been and what I have seen, what techniques I used to capture photographs. I could split these trips into multiple posts spread out over a week, this could increase traffic to this website giving exposure to my work.

Another advantage is by splitting up my posts, I can create blog entries on a different theme towards readers with different interests. People who are reading about a location may not be interested in the photographic techniques used.

Thats is for now. I can be followed on Twitter and I will be using my facebook page