Exploring Norfolk

Having time off work allows me to have the ability to explore Norfolk hoping to capture a few interesting photos. I typically plan to visit at least a couple of places on the same day. I revisited Holkham, Well, Norwich and Castle Acre. New places were Morston and parts of Great Holkham Forest.

Among the usual landscapes I like to explore, I wanted to take advantage of the colorful leaves still attached to the trees. My first attempt was Foxley Wood, however I decided to visit on Thursday, which happens to be closed so no pictures from there. I wanted to take pictures of  seals as I got that idea from twitter.

After some research the village of Morston was a good place to park. I was hoping to find a path to allow me to see them. This appears not to be the case, only useful if you want a guided tour on a boat. As I like to take pictures in my own time I wasn't considering this option. I saw no seals but the plentiful small boats around and the general landscape was interesting.

After talking to a photography club member later on I could have parked at Cley and then walk along the spit, but again I was informed that someone had tried this recently and the area was roped off and inaccessible. Another option would have been to see them at Horsey, which I may do within the next few weeks and also revisit the Windpump nearby on the same trip.  

I have been introduced to the idea of cropping images into a square format, not something I would normally consider but for some images it works.

Recently I have been thinking more about how I could sell my work, the current solution by Photobox is not ideal. I want to offer a simple, easy and complete item. Such as a framed and mounted image that I would assemble myself. 

Some questions I need to think about include, would the investment in the equipment needed to produce custom mounts and frames be worthwhile as I cannot find what I like available to purchase at a reasonable price and if I were to go down this route would anyone actually buy these.