Macro Tips

Spring is well on its way and summer is close by which is ideal time for capturing bugs and insects. Its when you get up close you see the beauty of these varied creatures.

Thankfully you don't have to travel far to find interesting subjects. The above image was taken along a path just a down the road with hedgerow on either side. Most bugs need to warm up in the sun before they become active so early morning is the best time to photograph.

A macro lens is required for small bugs while a zoom is better for butterflies as they tend to fly away if you get too close. When taking macro images auto focus is often useless and best used in manual and then move your body to get the subject in focus. A minimum aperture of F/11 is highly recommended and shutter speed to suit the subject.

I can find it difficult to see where the focus is on bugs is correct and instead look at the texture of its surrounding for textures to focus on. Another tip is to set the camera to fast continuous shooting as any slight movement makes a huge impact to what is in focus, the idea is to make slight adjustments to your position backwards and forwards while taking images with the hope at least one will be sharp as you can easily delete them later. 

If you find these tips useful then please share your results with me on twitter @nealtraf