Behind The Photo: Debenhams Bury

I have had this idea for awhile. To explain why I have taken a particular image, what grabbed my interest and what I did to the image in post production. 

Original Image, no adjustments 

Today I am talking about this Debenhams store in Bury St Edmunds. It truly is a beautiful building. I wasn't working that week and visited Lackford Lakes nearby that morning and popped into Bury on the way home. I wanted to retake an image of the old Abbey Ruins and the cathedral . Parking in the shopping centre I passed this store and had to take a picture of it.

It took a little time to find the right angle to avoid bollards and other distractions 

Starting in the roof we see panels of metal of varying shades of gray, curves and diagonal lines that provides plenty of interest. Same with the panels of glass on the front of the store, not to mention the reflections.

We then get to the pavement with more lines and curves of the smaller brick work.

When editing this type of image, architectural images are often better in black and white, shapes and lines are stronger. Black and white has brought out the different tones of gray on the roof panels.

Final result and lightroom settings are below, click to enlarge. I hope by posting these you will see my approach to photography and maybe you will pick up something useful, or at least have ideas of where to visit.  Tweet me your favorite spots @nealtraf, on my facebook page or  comment below.

Final processed image

Lightroom Adjustments and Camera Settings. Nikon 18-105 Kits lens was used